Collection: The Culture Club

Welcome to our new Kombucha club. Whether you're looking to replace a wine club membership, establish healthy habits or just save on products you already know and love, becoming a part of this exclusive club is a decision you won't regret.

What are the benefits?

  • Access to exclusive perks - Memberships include discounts on products, access to limited edition flavours, and pick up parties. 
  • Regular supply of kombucha- As a club member, you're encouraged to stock up on your regular supply of your favourite flavours and guess what? You get discounts on refills too.
  • Convenience & Cost savings - Your journey includes not only cost-effective sipping but also the ease of reserving your preferred flavour ahead of time for a seamless pick-up experience.
  • Community & Education - Embrace a community of kindred spirits and knowledge seekers. The club's vibrant calendar is filled with workshops, events, and educational sessions.
  • Health Benefits - Kombucha isn't just a drink; it's a functional beverage. Packed with benefits for your gut and immune system, being part of the club means these healthy habits become part of your routine.

What's the difference between Kombucha & Water Kefir?