Welcome to the Motherlove Ferments. A company that puts a modern twist on an ancient art for the preservation of our planet. Brewing gut loving, great tasting kombucha and water kefir since 2015.

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Our Mission

When you drink MotherLove kombucha and water kefir you’re doing your part to create a better environment inside and out. What we put into our bodies directly impacts our energy levels and how we feel. What we package it in affects the quality of our existence. As a company that cares deeply about your health and the health of our planet we craft each product with this in mind. 

What the people are saying

"⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐" - Chloe Popove 

"I didn't like kombucha until I tried Motherlove." - Nicole Vincze

"Perfect for mocktails and cocktails." - Breanna McDonald

"Motherlove found the sweet spot for kombucha." - Jessalyn Broadfoot

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