What are your local pick-up options?

Pick up is available on Monday to Friday from 9am-4pm at our brewery located at 109-889 Vaughan Avenue.

Do you deliver? 


Although we don't deliver, we do have many amazing stockist where you can find our product. We can deliver wholesale orders for a delivery fee. For more details or to become a stockist email us!

Is there caffeine in kombucha? 

Yes. Kombucha is a fermented tea and retains the caffeine from the black and green tea base. 

Can I drink kombucha if I'm pregant or breastfeeding?

As part of the fermentation process kombucha does produce a small amount of alcohol, less than the threshold for ‘non-alcoholic’ status in Canada. Kombucha also contains caffeine from the black and green tea. It is personal preference whether you chose to drink kombucha while pregnant and breastfeeding. Take into account if you've been drinking kombucha prior or not; it is generally not recommended to start new things in pregnancy. 

Is there sugar in kombucha? 

Yes. Sugar and caffeine are the primary food source for the culture, most of the caffeine and sugar are metabolized in the first ferment (before it hits your bottle) but some will remain. We never add sugar after the initial ferment and customize with cold steeped organic herbs to achieve our signature flavour and vibrant colors.

When’s a good time to drink kombucha?

It's always a good time to drink kombucha! It does have a small amount of caffeine so many people say first thing in the morning is the best time. Kombucha has its own probiotics and digestive enzymes so having before a meal or with a meal can aid in digestion. 

And then there are people who use it as a replacement for wine or soda so they enjoy it in the evening.