Our Founder

Rochelle’s journey into fermentation and wellness began with a unique pairing: a soon-to-be mother and a kombucha SCOBY, affectionately known as a "mother." Rochelle founded MotherLove 9 years ago while on maternity leave. What began as desire to create fermented products to promote detox and digestive health for her family lead to crafting fermented products sustainably for her community. Her passion for health, wellness, and environmental sustainability drives her holistic approach.

With a background as a former national champion in the hammer throw and extensive fermenting experience, Rochelle channels her collaborative spirit and driven personality into each project. Beyond her professional endeavours, Rochelle finds inspiration in nature, often hiking and camping with her family and beloved dogs, or seeking solace through yoga and music. Cherishing her role as a parent above all; a role that continuously shapes her greatest joys, challenges, and most meaningful endeavours. She extends an open invitation to others to join her on the journey towards a healthier, more sustainable future, where collaboration and connection are the driving forces behind positive change.


At our company, we have a genuine commitment to your well-being and the well-being of our planet. We take pride in crafting our Kombucha and water kefir using only the finest organic ingredients, with absolutely no artificial additives. Our beverages are packed with a robust probiotic content, ensuring that you receive the maximum digestive health benefits with every sip!

 What sets us apart is our dedication to utilizing the vibrant flavours and beautiful colours derived from whole foods. By skillfully combining these natural elements, we create a harmonious blend that not only delights your taste buds but also nourishes your body. Our beverages are thoughtfully designed to support your digestive system, providing a refreshing dose of wellness in a convenient can.

 We understand the importance of sustainability, which is why we have carefully chosen cans as our packaging solution. Cans are not only lightweight and easy to carry, but they are also highly recyclable, minimizing our environmental impact. By choosing our products, you actively contribute to a healthier planet, while simultaneously taking care of your own health.

 Join us on this journey towards a healthier you and a healthier world. Experience the pure goodness of our organic, probiotic-rich beverages, lovingly created to promote your digestive well-being while nurturing the Earth we call home.