Here’s What You Need to Know About Kombucha

Here’s What You Need to Know About Kombucha

Have you been a committed Kombucha consumer for a while now? Do you feel like you have an assortment of facts and flavours on the tip of your tongue? Or are you just beginning to grab a bottle of booch before taking on the day?

Either way, if you are feeling eager to gain some more confident knowledge in precisely what Kombucha is and what Kombucha does for you, then you are in the right place.

Today we’re going to break down the essential need-to-knows about this extra special fermented tea and just how it benefits your body. Because here at MotherLove, we love to educate. When you feel excited about what Kombucha offers your lifestyle, well, we adore that too!


Oh, and side note, before we get into the facts, to make things even more fun, we’ve also thrown in a “What Flavour of Booch are You?” quiz in the mix!

The result of what flavour reflects you best might inspire your next potential pick! Or maybe it’ll leave you smiling over the fact that the flavour you get is the one you’ve dedicated yourself to already. Also, when your result pops up, we’ve included a tailored Spotify playlist in there just for you. Fun right? If you want to get right to the quiz questionnaire, click here.

Just Ginger


This question may seem like the most basic of all the q’s, but it gets missed more often than you’d think! It’s common to want to know what a particular food or drink does for us before we get into how it comes to be, but it is essential to remember that those two things come hand in hand.


Traditional Kombucha (which has now been around for more than 2,000 years) consists of a specific type of tea (usually green or black), sugar, yeast, and a SCOBY. A SCOBY is the symbiotic collection of beneficial bacteria and yeast that forms on the surface of the liquid.



Although the basis of how Kombucha comes to be is pretty universal, everyone has their own unique way. Here at MotherLove, these are our steps: (Each one taken with love, of course. ♡)

1. We first steep a mix of organic sencha green tea and Assam black tea

black tea
2. We add organic cane sugar to give the tea a nice sweetness

Organic Cane Sugar
3. Finally, we add the culture (SCOBY) and starter tea. Starter tea is finished Kombucha from a previous batch.

Kombucha Scoby

After those three steps, we allow the SCOBY to get to work. How does the SCOBY get the job done? It consumes caffeine and sugar, which then transforms the sweetened tea into a now alive beverage with probiotics, enzymes, and b vitamins.

Once fermentation has fully taken place, we flavour our booch with herbs, fruit juices, and superfoods to create a colourful and functional experience in a bottle packed with all the stuff your body adores.


Kombucha in British Columbia brings brightness into our lives by offering us improved digestion, strengthened immunity, and detoxification support. Here’s how all of that comes into play:


Probiotic content determines the number of beneficial microorganisms in specific things that you may consume. These super helpful microorganisms contribute to the health of your digestive tract. The happier your gut feels, the more comfortable you will be, too.

1 Bottle of MotherLove Kombucha = Hundreds of Millions of beneficial bacterias

At MotherLove, we have more than 100 MILLION LIVE beneficial bacterias in just one bottle!

The microbiome dictates how many microorganisms are in a particular environment, such as your body, and our bodies rely on vast microbes to stay alive and healthy. Our booch assures that you are taking care of exactly that. The more positive bacteria you have inside, the more protected you are against harmful bacterias and pathogens.


The rate at which your body can absorb beneficial substances, such as Kombucha, is determined by bioavailability. Yeah, bioavailability is a pretty big and somewhat scary word, but the meaning is relatively simple. It measures how efficiently substances can reach target areas, and access increased circulation in your body.

Kombucha is incredible for ensuring substantial bioavailability since it is oh so fermented. And what better way to encourage this impact throughout your body than drinking something delicious and easy to bring around with you, no matter how full the day might be?

The bacteria in MotherLove’s booch breaks down minerals and vitamins into smaller particles that are easier to address.


Kombucha is full of digestive enzymes that optimize digestion. When our digestion isn’t in good form, it can negatively impact our day.

By drinking kombucha (see When to Drink Kombucha), you can make your gut stronger overall toward the things you choose to consume. The food we eat dictates the energy that we feel. That’s why we feel more sluggish when we have chosen processed foods. It is down to the fact that those foods are challenging to break down, while raw healthy foods are much easier to digest.

That’s where Kombucha comes in. It contains the enzymes your body needs to break down a range of foods effectively. A healthy diet met with mindfully including Kombucha in your day-to-day life will leave the body pleased.


Everything mentioned combined leads to a stronger immune system, which aids digestion and our body’s energy levels around fighting non beneficial things in our external environment.

Some other fermented foods to keep in mind when wanting to obtain these benefits are kimchi, sauerkraut, and kefir.

Fermented Foods


Here’s where things get interesting! At MotherLove, we make each of our unique flavours with specific benefits in mind.

Just Ginger: Taken straight from organic ginger root. If you are a ginger beer fan, then you’ll love this flavour of kombucha. Ginger is the queen bee when it comes to stoking the digestive fire, digestive aid, and acting as an antiseptic (infection killer).

Lavender Lemonade: A beautiful blend of organic lemon and lavender buds. That exceptional colour comes from the butterfly pea flower, a herb with a deep indigo colour that changes when met with a different pH. It ranges from a deep electric blue to a luminous hot pink. Lavender is lovely for its calming effects and being an anti-inflammatory that helps balance blood sugar.

Blue Alchemy: This captivating colour comes from blue spirulina. We introduce lime peel to the mix because it’s richer in nutrients than the juice. You receive minerals that you don’t get from land plants. Lime peel increases focus and ph balancing. Blue Spirulina is from E3 Live Blue Majik and is loaded with iron, rich in B vitamins, relieves physical discomfort, increases energy, vitality, skin clarity, and supports healthy inflammation response after exercise.

Holy Hibiscus: This flavour is a calming herb blend of hibiscus, rose, and holy basil (tulsi) with a hint of vanilla. A true floral delight comes from the collaboration of these ingredients. Hibiscus is known to lift moods and hearts alike, rose rejuvenates with the magic of vitamin C, vanilla acts as an anxiety reducer and aphrodisiac, and tulsi brings down stress levels.

We hope you learned something today and that you are feeling great about your Kombucha journey, whatever it looks like right now!

Being mindful of your health is about the journey of self-love. That’s how you show your body, mind, and soul that you care.

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Happy booching!

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