When is the Ideal Time to Drink Kombucha?

When is the Ideal Time to Drink Kombucha?

Short answer? Always and often.

All living things are multi-talented and kombucha is no different! Different timing will provide different benefits. The bacteria and enzymes in fermented beverages can aid in the digestion of food or the breakdown of old debris in the gut - the nutrients can work to cure a hangover or they can help build immunity before the cold season. Below is a list of some of our favourite times to enjoy a fizzy glass of delicious ‘bucha. 

  • After a workout - Rich in electrolytes, kombucha is the perfect recovery drink! 
  • The morning after - The small amount of sugar in kombucha is great for restoring blood sugar levels after a night of indulgence. Electrolytes are a champ here too! 
  • Before a meal - The slightly acidic PH in kombucha stimulates hydrochloric acid (HCL) production in the stomach, aiding indigestion.
  • After a meal - The enzymes in kombucha are superpowered for aiding in the breakdown of nutrients, helping with gut symptoms after a heavy meal and increasing the number of nutrients you absorb from your food!
  • Recovering from an illness - Probiotics work to reseed the gut, this is especially important if you have recently taken antibiotics. 
  • Studying for an exam - The B vitamins naturally present in kombucha can support the body in dealing with excess stress! It also has just enough caffeine to keep you going for a late-night study sesh, without keeping you up the whole night. Far superior to the stale coffee you’ve been reaching for. 

When the days feel long and your coworkers are being crazy - you literally can't be mad with a mouth full of our best tasting kombucha bubbles. 

A few more perfectly appropriate times to enjoy a cold kombucha: 

  • Celebrating summer 
  • Instead of a boozy drink 
  • Mixed with a boozy drink 
  • On a bus
  • A bad hair day 
  • When you’re a mother to toddlers 
  • Before loading a plane to somewhere tropical
  • Music festivals 
  • With the in-laws 
  • During an eyebrow appointment 
  • On a road trip 
  • While slaying goals 
  • Being a boss 
  • When your gut hurts 

We sincerely hope this helps. If you have any specific situations you’d like to share and check if they’re appropriate ‘bucha moments please get at us and we’ll respond promptly.

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