Electrolytes, your new gym buddy.

Electrolytes, your new gym buddy.

It’s 2020, you’ve beaten the sun to the gym at least a few times and even if you missed a morning or two - you’re sticking to those goals. But does it really have to be so tiring?! 


Check your gym bag. You’ve got your headphones, those short’s that make your booty go ‘umph, a water bottle - so what are you missing? Electrolytes. 

You’ve seen the athletes with their artificially coloured Gatorade drinks and as a savvy consumer, that's not your jam. But if you think water is enough to keep you hydrated and energized after your workouts, you might be mistaken. 

Hydration Explaination

Dehydration might be why it’s so hard to stick to your workout plan too. 

We’ll give the pink sports drinks a wide berth and talk about the minerals behind proper hydration. 

Sodium, calcium, potassium, chloride, phosphate, and magnesium are all electrolytes. They’re found naturally in the food and drinks we consume. 

Electrolytes play a role in the cellular functions in our bodies, they keep our nerves, heart, muscles, and brains working optimally. They are best known for their role in keeping the amount of water in our body balanced. This is hydration. 

Things that deplete our electrolyte and hydration levels:

Vitamins & vitamin waters
Hot yoga
Going to the gym
Hiking in the summertime 

You get the idea. We need to replenish. 

Symptoms of dehydration and lack of electrolytes can include:

Muscle cramps
Rapid heart rate or breathing

motherlove kombucha

Thankfully, kombucha is a wonderful source of all of these essential minerals.

Organic whole sugars (like we use to feed our scoby's) are loaded with electrolyte minerals and provide our muscles with an essential source of glucose to recover quickly after a good workout.

Organic teas and herbs provide even more minerals and vitamins (amplified by the fermentation process).

Caffeine dilates blood vessels allowing nutrients to circulate quickly and is a natural performance enhancer.   

Are we saying a post-workout recovery kombucha will keep you on track and crush your gym goals? 

That's for you to decide.

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