What is Fulvic Acid? A Supplement Providing Benefits Your Body Needs

What is Fulvic Acid? A Supplement Providing Benefits Your Body Needs

FLVC. One of our favourite Kelowna based companies, run by an amazing woman and mother. 

We love FLVC because they share our passion of formulating products that make adding health essentials into your diet effortless and are passionate about the health of the community. When we’re at our healthiest we not only feel the best, but can contribute to greater causes. FLVC also sources organic and fair trade ingredients. This collaboration just made sense.


Fulvic acid: A supplement your body needs 

You may not be familiar with fulvic acid, but this naturally occurring substance is found all around us in oceans, lakes and the soil we stand on. Although it might not be one of the top supplements that comes to mind, its superpower is that it provides the body with trace minerals while also assisting the body with detoxification as a binding agent. Many other compounds just do one or the other. This wide range of benefits makes it beneficial for detoxification, digestive health, cognitive function, as well as good for hair and skin. 

Fulvic Acid Kombucha


Soil, the basis of life.

Fulvic acid is a substance found naturally in the earth's soil, created as millions of microbes decompose plant matter. Like kombucha, it’s bioavailable which means nutrients and minerals can be absorbed quickly and easily. This is especially beneficial for anyone experiencing digestive issues. It also supports optimal immune function and helps counteract free radical damage. With our soil being continuously more depleted, fulvic acid can be difficult to obtain in a standard diet. We also tend to interact less with dirt and live in cleaner and more sanitized environments than our ancestors did. 

Combat Mineral Deficiencies, Aides in Digestion and Detoxification

Feel good inside to glow on the outside. The nutrients found in fulvic acid support digestion, increasing the number of good bacteria in the gut and improving the absorption of nutrients. When digestion is operating efficiently it helps immunity as well as managing stress and hormone production. 

It contains nutrients and compounds like the following.

  • Silica 
  • Electrolytes
  • Antioxidants 
  • Prebiotics and probiotics
  • Essential fatty acids 
  • Trace minerals

These soil based probiotics are unique to Fulvic acid. Every ferment has different strains and quantities of probiotics. The key to a healthier gut is a variety of probiotics and this introduces ones that aren’t commonly found in fermented products.

If that were the only health benefits of Fulvic Acid we’d give it an A+ but it does even more to create a healthy environment in our body. Fulvic acid chelates. It attaches to metals and toxins in the body. These toxins end up in our body from environmental factors, food, packaging and water. The fulvic acid binds to the toxins and eliminates them from the body, detoxifying our body of environmental pollution, harmful heavy metals, and prescription medications. It has long been used in Ayurvedic medicine to reduce inflammation and to  prevent illnesses like leaky gut and other inflammatory bowel conditions.  Recent studies have been conducted showing that fulvic acid is anti-inflammatory and has antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. 

Fulvic Acid Kombucha


Skin Care Starts Within

Fulvic acid is rich in 72 trace minerals and vitamins, including silica, peptides and fragments of plant DNA and regulates minerals and nutrients like iron, magnesium, calcium and copper. This promotes the body’s collagen response and can be seen in the health of hair and skin. Specifically, peptides reduce inflammation and act as antioxidants, leading to healthier, glowing skin. Zinc rejuvenates skin and aides in the formation of collagen and keratin. Fulvic acid has also been found to significantly improve eczema, sometimes even better than eczema specific treatments. And magnesium increases mood, energy levels and collagen production contributing to an even stronger immune system. 

Fulvic Acid Kombucha


Sources of Fulvic Acid

An indirect way to consume fulvic acid is by eating more organic fruits and vegetables. Organically grown crops tend to have higher concentrations of fulvic acid than conventionally grown produce. Supplementing is another great way to ensure you’re getting the desired amount of fulvic acid in your diet. FLVC Wellness has a great quality product in both powder and liquid form.  

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