Cascara - The Coffee Cherry Tea

Cascara - The Coffee Cherry Tea

Cascara - The Coffee Cherry Tea

Cascara is a “new” tea that’s as old as coffee.  Not widely known in North America but growing in popularity, and for good reason. Cascara comes from the coffee plant but isn’t coffee and doesn’t have a traditional coffee taste. It’s not technically tea either since it’s not the leaf of a plant. It’s somewhere in the middle and often referred to as coffee cherry tea. Literally meaning “Husk” or “skin” in Spanish, cascara resembles tea but the husks are tougher. It’s a common drink in Bolivia and other countries where this tea originated where they harvest, sundry and then toast lightly.

Dried Cascara

Tasty and Eco-friendly. A Win-Win

These husks would normally be composted or discarded while gathering coffee beans but when they’re collected and packed as tea it’s an economical way to use the whole plant. The taste is sweet and tangy, resembling a dried fruit like a raisin. Some even say there are hints of tobacco. Steep it as you would tea for a full-flavoured hot or cold tea. Sprinkle a bit of cinnamon or warm spices. Although it’s caffeinated it has about a quarter of what you’d find in a cup of coffee. It’s unique flavour profile pairs well with lots of beverages and we think it’s enhanced when fermented in kombucha. 

MotherLove x Local Chemist Cascara Kombucha

Brewers Gonna Brew

At MotherLove Ferments we’re always looking for new things to ferment, playing with different combinations of ingredients and collaborating with great local companies. 

The Local Chemist has their hands in a lot of pots too. From providing coffee events, supporting the community with the HomeGrown Market and collaborating with local businesses with an ‘In This Together Okanagan’ t-shirt campaign and more. Dan, owner of the Local Chemist, uses high quality ingredients to make some of the best tea and coffee in the city. 

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