The Motherlove Kombucha Kit

The Motherlove Kombucha Kit


Start brewing organic, gut-loving kombucha at home

The MotherLove Kombucha Kit contains everything you need for brewing at home.

You can choose from making regular kombucha or jun tea. Not sure what jun is? Check out this blog.

The kit comes with detailed instructions for both the first and second ferment, organic tea, sugar (or honey), brewing vessel, the essential kombucha culture, and starter tea. This kit pays for itself in the first two batches saving you time and money. Homebrewing also lets you completely customize the taste and flavour by using different teas and second flavour ingredients. 

Our SCOBY is never refrigerated or dehydrated. Grown organically for the healthiest culture and brewing results.


  • Step by step instructions
  • Tips and tricks for optimizing your brew
  • Kombucha culture (SCOBY)
  • Starter tea
  • Organic black tea
  • Organic cane sugar
  • 1-gallon jar
  • Breathable cotton cloth

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