Herbaceousness Mocktail Kit

Herbaceousness Mocktail Kit

Comes with 1x 8oz Citrus Blueberry Syrup, 1x 1oz bottle Herbal Lavender bitters, 4x bottles Ginger Lemongrass Water Kefir; makes 10 drinks.

Syrup ingredients: Blueberries, water, sugar, golden sugar, lemon juice.


  • 0.75oz Citrus Blueberry Syrup
  • 2 dashes (20 drops) Herbal Lavender bitters
  • 6oz Ginger Lemongrass Water Kefir

Grab a Collins style glass (tall and skinny) and fill it with ice – a wine glass would work well too. Measure the above ingredients using a shot glass (or jigger if you have one) and pour them over the ice. Give a quick stir and enjoy!

*Available for free local Kelowna delivery or pick up*

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