Our Drinks

No artificial anything. Our bright colours and flavours are from organic teas and whole foods.
No pasteurization. Our booch is live, raw, and in need of refrigeration. 
No forced carbonation. Our craft batches are naturally carbonated. 

🌈 Kombucha 🌈
Every sip of our boochy brews contains live probiotics, enzymes and vitamins. Organic teas provide the cultures with all of the nutrients they need with no unnecessary toxins. Naturally effervescent and low in sugar, kombucha is a great way to increase your microbiome diversity. 

💦 Water Kefir 💦
Water kefir is light in flavour and packs a punch in probiotic bacteria - think of it as a cousin culture to kombucha. A non-caffeinated fermented drink that is effervescent and slightly sweet and is made from sweet water and bacteria colonies that take the shape of ‘grains’ commonly called kefir grains (no relation to actual grains). These little culture bacterial balls are translucent and filled with naturally occurring c02 to float (or dance) all over the fermentation vessel while they work!
Our guts thrive on a diverse population of probiotics, so the more variety of ferments you enjoy, the better! Cheers! 🎉