Dehydrated Scoby Pet Snacks

Dehydrated Scoby Pet Snacks

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Scoby Snacks are a simple, whole food snack your pet will love. Made from dehydrated MotherLove Kombucha scobies. A scoby is a culture used to ferment kombucha and is rich in probiotics and beneficial bacteria. The scobies are dehydrated at a low temperature that maintains the benefits and allows the natural enzymes of the culture to stay active.

Probiotics are important in re-establishing the gut flora of your pet and helping to protect them from bad bacteria. Probiotics and digestive enzymes can improve your pets digestion, fight candida and boost immune system.

$10 for the 25g bag of flakes little dogs or cats enjoy. Great for smaller pets and can be sprinkled on food.
$15 for 35g for the jerky strips. These make a great snack for larger dogs.

Discounts apply for larger quantities. Please contact us if you’d like more information.

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