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Online Kombucha Workshop

Thanks so much for providing the online Kombucha course! I feel more confident and have a better understanding of how to make Kombucha from start to finish!!

Lorinda - July 2018

Absolutely delightful! These ladies know how to make a great Kombucha.
— Shannon - April 2018


Organic, Live & Probiotic

Organic ingredients, low in sugar, and chock-full of probiotics. Live organisms, minerals, enzymes, and good gut awesomeness. In every bottle. 🙌
Seriously one of my favourite local products. I discovered them last summer at the local farmers market, and they are still my favourite. Not all Kombucha is created equal! 

I am an IBS sufferer, and definitely notice a huge difference when I partake in this goodness on a regular basis. 

I'm not affiliated with them, I just really their product, and so does my troublesome tummy!

I love EVERYTHING about Motherlove Kombucha! Best product, best people! I would recommend them to anybody.

Trina - Jan 2017

MotherLove's Q & A with In Focus

In Focus highlights people in the community. A way to help show recognition for the people, businesses, and organizations that help make our city great. The team at is passionate about this community and the people that make it amazing. We want to show our friends, neighbours, family and colleagues that we notice them and the fabulous things that they do.

I've been fortunate enough to try your root beer kombucha and pina colada water kefir at Cherry Hill coffee, and I have to say... it's incredible stuff. My wife and I are recently getting into kombucha, and compared to what I've been able to find in stores, your products have been sooo much better.

Mike - May 2018

This is by far the best kombucha I have ever had! Thank you so much.
— Georgina


Great local product! Light and fizzy with loads of delicious flavours. They're environmentally friendly as they have refillable growlers and howlers - and kombucha is really good for you. I just tried the Sweet Ginger flavour which would be a great less-sugar swap for gingerale.

Janet - Dec 2016


Mint Magazine covers various aspects of wellness ranging from fresh, new fashion trends to how-to grow your own herb garden. Focusing on the Okanagan, their articles are a collection of creative spirits and great minds. Featured August 31, 2016, Mint touches on the benefits and history of Kombucha tea as well as an introduction to MotherLove as a company.

I consider myself a bit of a bucha snob and I am so over the moon for your brew! Just picked up some lavender lemonade at the family fruit market and I'm so pumped they now carry your amazing product! You mamas are killing it!!

Hayley Paynter – July 2016

I was skeptical at first because I had tried other kombucha's and really didn't like the flavour, but after trying my first sip of MotherLove's Strawberry Fields, I was blown away!!! This stuff is delicious! Also, couldn't imagine better people running a better local business. Great work ladies!!!

Megan - June 2016




water kefir.jpg

This was my very first exposure to fermenting anything. I thought the workshop was done very well, very informative, but casual and fun. I really appreciate that you continually mentioned to send you an email if any problems or questions arise in our first attempts to create some delish brews.
It is nice to know support is available if needed.

I have started both my tea and water kefir, just added pineapple tonight to my water kefir, after 24 hrs of initial ferment. So I am looking forward to this.

Monika - Kombucha in the Kitchen 

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Thanks so much for the great experience! The workshop was well presented and fun and very insightful. My biggest surprise was how much I LOVED your kombucha! I had tried others and really did NOT like them but found yours to be so delicate, yet pleasantly flavourful.

Thanks so much for such a worthwhile evening!

Barb – Kimchi in the Kitchen, Nov 2016