Our Favourite colour is green

It's not just our internal environments that we care deeply about but our external environment and in particular our gal Mother Nature is high up on our priority list in everything we do. In a nutshell, out sustainability commitment is to ensure that decisions we make regarding our ingredients, operations and processes don't just focus on the bottom line, but analyze the environmental sustainability and the impact that we will make on the planet. Here's a list of some of the green things we are already doing:

  • We reuse all of our glass bottles
  • We purchase high quality labels so that we can reuse them on the sample bottles for up to 5 times
  • We recycle all our cardboard and paper in our kombucha kitchen
  • We purchase our fresh ingredients exclusively from local farmers who are either certified organic or spray-free
  • Our teas are 100% organic
  • We support local and/or BC based businesses in as many purchases as we can including our packaging, ingredients and design
  • We reuse our waste water
  • We carpool as often as we can for markets and on brewing days