Our kombucha is locally brewed and handcrafted with LOVE right here in Kelowna, BC. We brew kombucha thatis high-quality, good tasting, and gut loving and we love our brews so much that we want to empower you to do the same at home. You’d be surprised how easy kombucha and water kefir are to make on your own, and our starter kits make it even easier for you to drink more of what youlove.

Kombucha tea and water kefir are age old fermented drinks that are naturally carbonated and packed full of probiotics. They contain good bacteria that help digest food and can boost your immune system while also aiding in the natural detoxification of your body.  

Want to expand your knowledge of fermenting? We also offer workshops where you can learn some new skills. 

With love, 
Allisha & Rochelle




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