our flavours


blue alchemy

Not your average algae. Packed with kombucha’s naturally occurring B vitamins, lime rind, and the seriously rich in B12 blue-green algae, you can consider your immune system boosted.


just ginger

What do you get when you add ginger to kombucha? A tummy tonic times two. Freshly juiced ginger adds an
anti-inflammatory boost and a light, refreshing taste to this sparkling probiotic tea.


lavender lemonade

Lavender buds and butterfly pea flower add a sophisticated twist to this sparkling probiotic tea. Butterfly pea flower gives this brew it’s beautiful hue and has a list of benefits as deep as it’s colour. And who doesn’t like lemonade?!


holy hibiscus

This calming herbal blend of holy basil, hibiscus and rose make for a drink that’s high in antioxidants and tastes as good as it sounds.


pina colada - water kefir

Water Kefir is a caffeine-free cousin to kombucha. It’s a fizzy fermented beverage that’s bubbling with probiotics. We think it’s a pretty great low sugar alternative to soda and this brew is full flavoured Piña Colada goodness. This ultra-hydrating herbal tea blend has a tart hibiscus tea base that brings out the pineapple and sweet, creamy coconut. Now you have an excuse to enjoy your favourite cocktail inspired drink anytime, anywhere.