Q: What do I do with extra scobies?

A: Extra scobies make excellent additions to your compost, can be given away or kept some for backups/experiments. To keep extras, create a Scoby Hotel - a 4L brewing container with sweet tea. It's always nice to have a few just incase of mold or if a fruit fly gets in and you have to throw your scoby out.


Q: Can I take a break from brewing?

A: If you are going to take a break from brewing for longer than 6 weeks it's a good idea to creating a "scoby hotel" or a holding jar. Every 4-6 weeks discard some of the liquid and add some fresh tea stirred in to combine. The fresh tea should be about 80% of the jar.

Longer term breaks can be more difficult to manage safely and can starve the scoby if not fed enough. It's best to find a scoby sitter. 

Q: Why does the caRbonation level vary?

A: We choose to naturally carbonate our kombucha so the levels of carbonation may vary from batch to batch. Since we use a lot of fresh, local fruit in the summer, those brews can tend to be on the fizzier side. It is very important to keep kombucha refrigerated at all times. Leaving your kombucha at room temperature will allow it to continue fermenting, which increases the carbonation and could break the bottle.