Meet the New MotherLove

M4_12466 copy.jpg

Seasons change. Styles change. People change. Our look and packaging have changed.

What hasn’t changed?
The great tasting kombucha you know and love. 

If you’ve been following us on social media or visit our booth at the farmers market you might have seen the changes brewing.

MotherLove recently went through a change in ownership, and through this change in structure we’ve also simplified production - adding more value for you.
The product remains the same organic, delicious kombucha.
The new packaging holds more kombucha and has a stronger seal.
This means a more consistent, great tasting product.  

What does this mean for you? 

  • More kombucha. We’ve dropped the 355ml and 750ml bottle and met in the middle with a 500ml bottle. This gives you 3 servings of probiotic goodness per bottle

  • A cap that seals better to hold in all of that fizz. It also reseals - you can sip and save your kombucha. 

  • A transparent label -  Just like our ingredients, we’ve got nothing to hide! 

  • A new nutritional panel with larger scope of vitamins, nutrients and probiotic count. 

  • Flavours will remain the same. A few of the names will changeweet

      • True Blue → Blue Alchemy 

      • Sweet Ginger → Just Ginger 

      • The new bottles can be returned for a deposit refund at the bottle depot

On tap to contribute to a zero waste world

You may also notice that there are more on tap locations where you can refill your bottles. You can refill our growlers and refill the new bottles AND you can bring your own beer growlers, mason jars or any bottles you have laying around. Buying on tap contributes to the zero waste movement. No bottle? No problem. We have refillable mason jars and growlers.

You can find a list of all of our locations here

You can also find us at the Saturday morning Kelowna and Penticton Farmers markets with 2-3 flavours on tap.

When will you see the new look!?

The new bottles will be available for August 10th at the markets and the following weeks at retail locations all around the Okanagan. We will be having a sale on the 355ml beer bottles while supplies last so get to your local market and stock up!