3 Bucha’ Cocktails

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Summer in the valley is about walking a tightrope between barre class and suntanning, market veggies and ice cream, Hiking and patio beers. At Motherlove, we thrive on balance and so - we bring you the perfect blend - gut loving, fizzy, probiotic joy and flavour packed adult beverages. Inspired by biking bar tours and wine in yoga classes, these cocktails rock the best in both worlds.

To be enjoyed alongside a birds eye view of the city, the ‘Ferment to be’ is a blend of Vagabond Vodka, from Kimberly B.C., a seasonal rotation of Motherlove kombucha, lime, soda and mint. You’ll Find this gem at Perch, atop the Innovation centre and if you watch closely, you might just catch a glimpse of the Ogopgo from up there.

Our newest favourite, Ci- Bucha is catching on like a wildfire. A phenomenon mixed by Upside, Kelowna’s newest cidery. Their story (as well as the tracktor above head) is a welcome perspective on the Okanagan dream, generations of BC organic farmers lead to this tree-to-cup apple cider and you’ll taste it in every sip. What they didn’t plan for was the electric match with Ginger Kombucha! We recommend ci-bucha be enjoyed with a healthy dose of vitamin D (on the deck of course).

And finally for the DIY mixologist of the back yard BBQ, we bring you an upgraded tummy taming take on the moscow mule:

2oz Vodka 
1/2oz lime juice 
6oz Just Ginger Kombucha 
3 ice cubes 

Give it a good stir and snap a photo before you indulge!
Tag @motherloveferments on your cocktail adventures - Cheers! 

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