Water Kefir

Looking for a ferment that’s quick to make and that’s easy to drink? Requiring only water and sugar and taking only 24-48 hours to ferment, water kefir is one of the easiest ferments you can do. To top it off this beverage is non-caffeinated and non-dairy which makes it a great option for kids or people with dietary restrictions.

Is water kefir similar to kombucha?

Kombucha and water kefir are both made using a culture. Both cultures are a combination of bacteria and yeast living harmoniously to produce a probiotic drink. While kombucha uses a scoby to ferment, water kefir is made with water kefir grains. The name can be misleading because they actually have nothing to do with grains, wheat or gluten. The term 'grain' only refers to their appearance.  Kefir grains also multiply like scobies although while one kombucha scoby will multiply to two scobies, kefir grains are so small that it’s best to measure them for your ferment. 

Water kefir grains up close and personal.

Water kefir grains up close and personal.

A pleasant taste

Unflavoured water kefir has a slightly sweet taste which makes a great base for flavouring. Doing a second ferment with some fruit (my favourite is pineapple juice or some fresh raspberries) or ginger will give it a refreshing, carbonated boost that makes for a tasty alternative to soda. Water kefir grains can also be used to ferment coconut water for change of taste. 

Making water kefir at home

Some things to keep in mind are that water kefir grains aren't as resilient as some other cultures. They like to be fed with fresh sugar water ever 24-48 hours. Letting them go longer can starve them and damage the grains. The good news is that you have a constant, fresh supply of water kefir and it takes minutes to make. You only need water, sugar and the grains (contact us here for yours!). 

If you don't drink dairy, want to add an easy ferment to your skill set or just want a tasty and healthy way to add more probiotics to your diet, then this is the ferment for you!

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