Growler Cleaning 101

We have some exciting news to share with you. Pulp Fiction Coffee House on Pandosy is now carrying our kombucha on tap AND doing growler and howler refills. Hooray! Another location where you can bring home some of our yummy booch. In order to get your growler filled, make sure you bring it to Pulp Fiction nice and clean. Here's the best way to clean it up.

Step 1 - Rinse out bottle with hot water. 

Step 2 - Add 2 drop of dish soap in the bottle, fill half way with hot water. Screw the cap back on and shake, shake, shake

Step 3 - Rinse with hot water

Step 4 - Add a 1/4 cup of vinegar to bottle and fill up half way with hot water. Screw cap back on and shake some more. 

Step 5 - Rinse with hot water. 

And you're done. Super easy! If you bring your growlers clean to the Farmers Market, we're happy to fill them up for you there too :)



MotherLove Ferments