Why local and organic ingredients are important to us

We don't brew kombucha to make a lot of money or to be famous. We brew kombucha because we want to make a quality product that tastes spectacular and is good for the gut.  This is why we make the choices that we do with our ingredients. We don't scrimp. Sure, we could choose the cheapest organic teas or use ingredients that increase our profit margins. But we dont. Our first choice is always to source locally when we can. We find farmers, beekeepers and orchardists that care about their products as much as we care about ours. And when we can't source locally we choose our ingredients from ethically sourced, fair trade organic suppliers whenever possible.

We are blessed to live where we do. Besides being probably one of the most beautiful places in the world to live, we have some of the best tasting fruits and vegetables that are grown right in our own backyards. Our long growing seasons allows us nourish our bodies with fresh, locally grown ingredients for most of the year.  And since we're our booch's biggest fans and drink it religiously we want to create a product that we can guzzle ourselves and serve to the ones we love.

The best quality ingredients are usually the ones found in season and grown with love. Ever notice how a strawberry in January just doesn't taste the same as freshly picked summer berry? Freshness is the key. And that's why local is important too. The quicker the produce gets from the ground to our bellies the less time it spends on a truck losing it vitamins and nutrients. We figure we can't compete with the beauty and wisdom of Mother Nature, so we try to brew with freshness, quality and seasonality in mind.  

Peace & Love,


MotherLove Ferments