{Home Brewer Spotlight} - Manz Brewis from Vancouver, BC

One of our homebrew kits recently found its way to a new home in beautiful Vancouver, BC.  Meet Amanda also known as the lovely Manz. Manz is one of our newest home brewers and we couldn't be more thrilled to share with you a bit about how her kombucha journey first started. 

"I first tried kombucha about 5 years ago. A friend of mine had a scoby and she brought me a glass of homemade kombucha. It smelled and tasted like vinegar. I stayed away from it for awhile until I really learned the benefits of drinking kombucha. I would buy a couple bottles on my weekly shopping trip, and grew to love certain flavours. I am excited to start making my own because I love to make my own food and beverages if I am able to! I make my own beauty products too because I like knowing exactly what is in the products I use and consume. Making kombucha at home seems like a natural step and I am thrilled to being able to drink fresh kombucha everyday!"

Manz began her kombucha home brewing process with our Mother's Helper Basic Starter Kit.  She's about one week into her brewing process so far. Her scoby is growing beautifully and we can't wait to hear what her first boochy brew tastes like. 

If you've just started brewing kombucha at home or would like to share with us part of your fermenting journey, we'd love to feature you on our blog. 

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