Is all this really working?

We've been hearing this A LOT lately. We all know that fermented foods are rich in probiotics and good for the gut but how do we know if they are making a difference in our lives? If we look at health and wellness like a pie, fermented foods are just one slice in a holistic effort to achieve optimal health. Fermented foods are great for the gut, they enrich the flora in our intestines so that we have improved digestions and strong immunity. But we can't just depend on one source for probiotics. That means you need to drink your kombucha, eat your krauts and kimchi and savour your yogurts too

Power of Diversity

As we always say, the power of probiotics is in diversity - the diversity in the bacterial strains that call your intestines 'home'.  But again that's still not enough. Its just one piece of the puzzle. Sustaining a healthy body involves more than just probiotics.  It involves harmonized balance in all the physical, mental and emotional planes. Exercise, good nutrition, meditation, mindfulness - the list goes on. The power of probiotics are only as strong as the soundness of the choices you make in nourishing your body. I recently sold one of our MotherLoad Homebrew kits to an 80 year old man. This totally shocked me. It just goes to show that age doesn't determine when you can begin something new, especially when it comes to stepping into your power concerning your health.

My take on all this

At the end of the day the questions still remains - "Is all of this really working?" Optimal health for me, like many, begins with how I feel. How are my energy levels? My mood? Do I have any outlandish cravings? Does it feel good to move in my body? How many times have I smiled today? I still believe that it all begins in the gut. When I'm eating the foods that best nourish my body and when I'm making strong/confident/third chakra style decisions, I feel like I can conquer the world in a day. This to me is the centre of my wellness and allows balance and harmony to permeate into the areas that need it the most.

Peace & Love,


MotherLove Ferments