Resolve to Eat Real Food

What if we told you that you could improve your health, save money AND learn something new by doing just one simple thing? Well maybe this year you'll want to resolve to ferment. Yogurt, kombucha and sourdough are some of the things that come to mind when you think of fermented products, but there are dozens of foods and beverages that ferment to give you numerous health benefits. 

Though many may balk at the idea of letting food sour on the counter, what may seem like food that's gone a little "off" will actually get you off to better health. (Remember this is how beer and wine are made so it can't be that bad right?!)

Why Ferment?

Other than being a hot food trend in 2016, (out with the gluten free, in with the probiotic-rich!) fermented foods offer all sorts of health benefits from improved digestion and enhanced immune system to relieving joint pain and reducing the risk of certain cancers. Below are just a few of the reasons to get on board:

  1. Improved Digestion - Fermented foods are full of beneficial bacteria (microbes) that produce enzymes to break down food so you have to do less work. 
  2. Probiotics - The microbes in fermented foods supply your body with live bacterial (the helpful kind) that populate your gut which enhances the immune system and is beneficial for overall health.
  3. Cost-Effective - Eating healthier can often be expensive but this isn't necessarily true for fermenting! Fermenting foods can be as simple as adding salt and for beverages it's the same but with sugar. Fermenting also produces B-vitamins, enzymes and probiotics, among other things, that can save you from buying supplements. 

Bonus: Fermentation makes hard to digest food easier to digest without cooking or heating which saves energy!

A Lost Art

Fermentation goes back to the earliest Asian civilizations, ancients Egyptians, and your great-grandmother probably did it too. As convenience and processed foods overtook our kitchens much of the traditional lacto-fermented foods were replaced with vinegar based products and raw became pasteurized. Chemicals were used to preserve instead of fermenting. Soaking and sprouting went out the window as well.

Resolve to Eat Real Food

This year eat healthier, save money and learn something new by taking up fermenting. We challenge you to eat or drink one fermented product per day and see how your body changes. Try one new ferment at a time and see how quickly and easily you get hooked!